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Hello and welcome to the Beat Your Depression blog! My name is John.

To let you know where I am coming from I have provided the following information:-

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I am a proud sixty five year old father of three children and six grandchildren and I am most fortunate to have a loving and understanding wife. If not for her love and her understanding, plus her intuitive guidance, I do not know where I would be now. Thankfully, my children are loving and understanding as well.

I have always been a bit of a philanthropist as I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people, especially those who WANT to help themselves. I have suffered from depression myself and know how debilitating this condition can be. Hence my particular interest in this subject and my ability to talk with some authority. But my interest is not purely altruistic.

I am now retired and receive a small superannuation pension that I contributed to whilst working for government departments in South Australia.

You will notice that I promote a select number of products that I personally recommend. Should you purchase any of these products, I shall receive a commission, just as the store owner does when you purchase a book or other product from him or her. I make no apology for this and look forward to using any profit to contribute towards the costs of maintaining this site.

But I am different from most store owners in that I do not promote any and all products relating to the particular range, as I have found some products to be sub-standard and possibly even dangerous. In fact, I returned a set of self-hypnosis compact discs that I purchased to re-build my self-esteem, whilst coming out of depression, as I believed that the content could have a negative impact, rather than the desired outcome. This stemmed from what I learned about using mental programming techniques many years ago. I suppose that I could be likened to a store owner selling only one or two laundry detergents that he or she believed in and used, rather than the whole range of laundry detergents available.

It is my goal to do my best to provide you with the most informative articles, facts, and tips in each issue of Beat Your Depression.

Depression is such a devastating and rapidly growing problem for individuals, families and friends, and society in general. It appears to be associated with our modern style of living and needs to be curtailed as soon as practical.

I have my own beliefs about overcoming depression without resorting to taking prescription drugs. Having said this, I do believe that there are times, especially in severe cases, when it is advisable to take such medication. This is particularly true for when depression is initially diagnosed or suspected.

The e-book, Understanding and Curing Depression, now has a bonus e-book, entitled How to Stop Your Depression, included in the price. Together these e-books contain very useful information and tips relating to initially coming to grips with the scourge of depression.

However, the information contained in those books needs to be supplemented with the type of insights and guidance that I found in the package of eight e-books, software and MP3 recording at Total Success Library where I learned a lot about my mindset and relationships. I found this package to be extremely valuable and value for money. It is much cheaper than a course of medication and can be used over and over again. It is not specifically intended as a guide for overcoming depression, but is more like a guide for a healthy outlook on life in general. Check out the contents of this package here.

You can learn more about me at my first blog post Whilst I write most of the articles appearing on this site, my son, Bryan, is the technical expert for making everything run smoothly.

Please feel free to comment on any issues raised at this site and offer any tips that you may feel to be appropriate so that others may benefit from your input.

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