Beat Your Depression

Tips, Facts and Information About Overcoming Depression

How to Stop Your Depression

This e-book can be purchased for $17 but it is included as one of the bonuses with the e-book “Understanding and Curing Depression.” It was written by a retired clinical counselor, Sharon Schurman, and mainly discusses the benefits of using medical techniques to beat depression.

How To Stop Depression

In her own words Sharon says, “So how am I able to deliver these results? I am a retired, licensed clinical counselor. I spent my life treating depressed families, individuals, and corporate clients. Now I’m sharing my years of experience with you. “Stop Your Depression Now!” is the complete solution for anyone who wants to overcome his/her depression. I have helped hundreds of patients using the techniques in this book. Now it’s your turn.”

I found the information within the e-book to be very informative even though it seemed to have a blinkered viewpoint from my perspective. It is certainly well worth a read as it is written in lay terms and not in technical jargon and helps to give a better understanding about the scourge of depression. I believe that it is best used in conjunction with self help programs. As Sharon Schurman says, “Understanding your depression is half of the battle.”

The author and I agree that some books are too full of technical material that can be confusing and that the use of some therapists can be very costly, in time and money, and may not produce the desired results. If you happen to be a cynical person you may also believe that some therapists tend to over service.